Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to setup a custom domain with blogger blog ?

In our previous article I have explained  Why you should buy custom domain for blogger Blog ?  And as I promised today I am going to show you how to setup a custom domain for blogger blog. Its too easy to setup a custom domain for blogger blog. There are two steps of setting up the custom domain for blogger blog 1st one is adding CNAME records and 2nd one is adding A-records. CNAME records used to connect your blogger blog to the custom domain so lets add CNAME record in your custom domain. 
Creating CNAME records for custom domain

    1,Login into your DNS provider account (i.e. godaddy, Bigrock etc.)
    2,Now click on domain and just lunch DNS manager.
    3,Now find CNAME Records and then add www in host and then add to points to and you have done.
    4,Now click on save zone files and you have done.

Creating A-records for custom domain

A-records is used to redirect the naked domain ( to the full domain ( well now its not necessary to add the A-records to the DNS manager because blogger have already added one awesome feature using that you can redirect the naked domain to full domain, Lets enable this feature.

    1,Login into your blogger account
    2,Go to setting
    3,Now click on add a custom domain
    4,Now select switch to advanced settings
    5,Now add your custom domain and click on save
    6,Click on Edit (check the bellow snapshot) 

     7,Now select Redirect to 

    8,Now click on save and you have done.

Now if you want to add the A-records to your DNS manager then simply find the A-records and then add the four ip addresses given bellow.
And you have finally done, your DNS might take 1 or 2 hour to redirect your blogger blog.
Question ?

If you have any question about the setting up the custom domain for blogger blog then feel free to ask  make a comment


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