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Thursday, May 2, 2013
Clicksor Ads Review

Clicksor Ads Review

Here is our Clicksor review. Clicksor is a contextual ad network. This means that it uses certain keywords and phrases that are in the body text of your webpage to determine which ads display. Clicksor offer some unique ad types with numerous sizes available which some ad networks do not provide, making them attractive to publishers as an adsense alternative.
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 Clicksor in action

Clicksor offers five different ad types to publishers to include on their website or blog. The first is perhaps the most unintrusive to visitors as it does not actually appear on the webpage at all.

clicksor pop undersPayPerView

clicksor pop undersFor those with a decent amount of traffic coming from search engines who are struggling getting visitors to click ads then Clicksor’s pay per view pop-under ads might just be the ads for you. When a visitor lands on your site, an ad will pop up underneath your page, invisible to the visitor. The visitor will not see the ad until the moment they close their browser.

clicksor interstitial
clicksor interstitialThe Interstitial ads operate in a similar way as they also take up no ad space and are pay per view. The difference being that they appear as visitors are browsing between the pages of your site. You have control over the frequency at which the ads display to suit your preferred level of visitor experience.

clicksor text links
clicksor text linksClicksor is pretty transparent when it comes to sharing the average PPC in which their current publishers achieve. We have found their PPC rates for the intext and banner ads are generally lower than that found on other ad networks, but with their unique ad sizes you can achieve a higher click through rate by being creative with where you place the ads.
clicksor text banner
Many people using the internet today are seeing google-like adverts
on most webpages which have been inserted in the same areas of the screen. By having slightly different ad sizes than usual and in interesting places across your site, a high click through rate can be achieved.

Clicksor Review

Clicksor review websites very quickly and approval is pretty much immediate. They do allow you to have ads from other networks on the same page as long as you only have a maximum of three ad units from Clicksor. If you are going to use more than one ad network on the same page, we believe the PopUnder would be the best option as it would be the most non-intrusive and it will not lower your current earnings or click through rates.

Also if you are using a 3rd party ad network and choose to use the Intext or banner ads from clicksor along side, please ensure that the ads do not look the same as this could infringe on some of the 3rd parties terms and conditions and could result in a loss of all your earnings from them.

sign up Getting started with Clicksor

Clicksor is very easy to install. They offer a plugin for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla. There is also the option to place the code inside your site yourself, preferably in the header or footer. This option can be slightly confusing to do, as you must go through each ad type separately and it is not immediately obvious how to select the ads you want. Basically, for the ads you do not wish to display simply click the “skip this ad” at the bottom and for the ads you wish to display click “save and continue”. It will generate the code for you at the end then its just a case of copying and pasting.

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