Friday, May 31, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Auto-Correct Fix Using Jelly Bean Keyboard

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a beautifully crafted smartphone and for the most part buyers have been pleased with Samsung’s new focus on software that can be used to interact with everyday life.

One area of concern for many users however has been the company’s implementation of auto-correct standards.

As a user types using the Galaxy S4 they are met with word suggestions that can break the flow of the users typing. On standard Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean devices the auto-correct function is more well rounded and doesn’t affect the flow of a users typing.

Not happy about the current state of Samsung Galaxy S4 auto-correct a third-party developer is offering a way to receive better auto-correct support.

Android developer VLLWP has ported the Jelly Bean keyboard to the Galaxy S4 along with several improvements to the original design.

While there are various keyboard alternatives via the Google Play store the Jelly Bean Keyboard is free and offers the type of keyboard functionality we have come to expect from the stock version of Google Android Jelly Bean.

The keyboard features ads but only on the settings page. It also features various languages support, offers emoji icons, providers users with themes support and dives into advanced settings.

If you want even more out of your keyboard you can purchase the “Pro” version of the app which features no ads, more themes, better customization, more layout options, and gesture support.

Users can even add a row of numbers to the standard keyboard layout, a feature that is sorely missing on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Keyboard.

The Jelly Bean Keyboard Pro is modestly priced at $2.99.

Give the free version of the Jelly Bean Keyboard app a try and let us know what you think about the smartphone app.


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