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Saturday, April 6, 2013
How to Getting Started With Bidvertiser Ads on Blogger

How to Getting Started With Bidvertiser Ads on Blogger

image of bidvertiser Bidvertiser is an online advertising and publishing network that allows the owners of websites or blogs to make money with their visitors. Now a days Bidvertiser is the best alternative advertising program of Google Adsense. I think that Bidvertiser is the second best way to make money online. Because this is the company that really pays well. The most interesting fact is … you don’t need to wait for Bidvertiser account approval. You can Create your Bidvertiser publisher account any time and create ads. Then put those ads to your website. That’s it. Bidvertiser offers a free sign up. You don’t need to pay for a account.Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

How does Bidvertiser work?

Bidvertiser displays highest bidders ads to assuring you the best payment for your website. You will see the improvement of your Bidvertiser bidding. They will help you by giving you a simple point and click tool for your ad customization. You will be able to see your websites ad performance, impressions, clicks, click-through rates and the total amount you have earned.

Bidvertiser Advertising Program

There are four different ways to make money through .
- By Pay Per Click (PPC)
- By conversions (Commisions)
- By referrals
- Bidvertiser Toolbar

Pay Per Click: PPC is the most popular ad program in Bidvertiser. You will be paid for each valid click from your visitors.

Convertions Earning: This is an excellent giving from the Bidvertiser company. This is an extra income for Bidvertiser publisher. Bidvertiser will pay you for your natural quality visitors you send to them. If your site refers a number of high value leads this will increase your Convertion Bonus. Most of the time the Convertion Bonus is large amount than PPC earnings.

Referral Program:It is another most charming factor in Bidvertiser. There are two types of referral bonus given by Bidvertiser.
1.When a user signs as an advertiser and first spends $10, you will be credited $5. When the same advertiser spend $50 then your account will be credited with $20.
2.When a user signs as a publisher and first earns$10, Bidvertiser will credit your account with $10. When the same publisher earns $50, you will be credited with $40.

Bidvertiser Toolbar:  

This Toolbar can also make you a lot of money. You have to use this toolbar in your website. When any visitor search through this toolbar your account will be credited.

Bidvertiser Ad Formats

Bidvertiser supports 4 groups of ads. They are Bannar Ads: Sizes of this type ads are …

        Full Banner (468 X 60)

    Leaderboard (728 X 90)

Skyscrapers: There are 3 types of Ads …

        Wide Skyscraper (160 X 600)

    Skyscraper (120 X 600)

    Half Page Ad (300 X 600)

Rectangles: 2 Types of ads are given …

        Medium Rectangle (300 X 250)

    Large Rectangle (336 X 280)

Mobile Ad: This is the singly type …

        Mobile Banner (300 X 50)

How much does Bidvertiser pay per click?

Actually there is no exact rate is fixed by Bidvertiser. They pays per click according to the bidding rate. As I used bidvertiser before, I got $1 highest and the lowest is $0.03 . The payment for per click also depends on your traffic quality.

What are the payment methods for Bidvertiser?

There are two different payment methods given by Bidvertiser. – By Check: The minimum payout for Bidvertiser through Check in $100. – By Paypal: The minimum payout for Bidvertiser through Paypal is $10 Bidvertiser gives you payment once a month. If your revenue is not sufficiant for payout in a month. Then the amount will be added to your account for the next payment date.
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How to Getting Started With Chitika Ads on Blogger

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!
Chitika is one of the largest Internet advertising (online advertising company) that offers additional income for bloggers and webmasters enthusiasts online business by placing ads from the advertiser (advertisers) Chitika. Chitika is a PPC ad system or CPC (Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click). That is, the publisher will earn a commission every time a blog or a website visitor who clicks on Chitika ad.
Unfortunately, the Chitika ads that produce it have limitation namely (a) if visitors to your blog / website come from search engines (search engines), (b) geographically from America and Canada. Therefore, the Chitika publisher generally come from two countries or who have a blog / website that has visitors from both countries. This is why, Google Adsense more desirable because a very wide range of ads. Chitika even less extensive than Infolinks.
This hour, chitika has just approved my application. What a great experience for me, to learn about internet advertising online. It took 4 days for chitika to approve my application. All you need to is make a blog or a website with certain or unique contents, makes some recent articles.


How to Create Chitika Account
How to Login Log in to Chitika Account
How to Add Paypal Account to Chitika Account
How to Add a Blog Website to Chitika
How to Take and Put Chitika Ad Code
Chitika Referral Affiliate Program
Payment Time Limits and Chitika


First thing you have to do to be chitika publisher is by making chitika account. To make chitika account is a piece of cake, I will guide you :

1. Visit / publishers / Apply -> Fill in application form
2. Put a tick / check in the "I accept Chitika's Terms & Conditions.".
3. Click on Submit Application. 


After successfully making Chitika account, then you need to login to admin to edit your profile data and take Paypal ad code.

1. Visit / user.php
2. Enter your username and password -> click Login


1. After logging in, click My Account
2. Give a tick on Paypal (below left).
3. In the "PayPal Email Address" -> enter your Paypal username. Example,
4. Click Save Account Information


In Chitika, any blog or website that will be ad must be registered first. One ad for one website. This is different from Adsense where one ad for the site anywhere. Follow these guidelines to add a website:

1. After Sign up / log in to Chitika -> click My Account (top)
2. Click the Approved Domains ->
3. Underneath the "Add Domain" -> add your blog's url address. Example,
4. Click Submit Domain


After adding Chitika to the admin site, then you can take ad code to be installed on the linked site.

1. Once logged in / logged in to Chitika -> click Setup Ad
2. Get Started -> Click Get Code
3. In the "Select Unit Options" -> settings for size and color according to taste.
4. Copy the code (bottom) and insert into your blog / site.

Chitika has a referral program or afilliate. Anyone who signed up to Chitika through our referral link, then we will get a commission of 10% for 15 months from our referrals. Follow the link below to get a referral:

1. Once logged in / logged in to Chitika -> click Referral Programs
2. Publisher Referral click ->
3. Copy the link or banner that you want to install in your blog / site.


Payments made with two options. Paypal and Check. Paypal by its owner, the minimum payment is after the income (earnings) we reach $ 10 (ten dollars). As for Check, the minimum is $ 50 (fifty dollars).

Payment schedule using the net system 30. That is, paid after 30 days. Example, if we get earning $ 10 on January 1, 2012, then the money will be sent to us on February 1, 2012.
Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!
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