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Thursday, June 13, 2013
How to Make Money from Home with WebAnswers

How to Make Money from Home with WebAnswers

 In today's tough economy, many people are turning to the internet in search of a way to earn extra money from home. With the endless scams out there, it can seem nearly impossible, and become quite frustrating. As a single mother of two, I know what it is like to not just want an extra income, but to actually need some extra cash in your pocket. So, I am going to tell you about a website that I accidentally stumbled across, that has made me more money in one month than I have earned on other sites in six months. That website is called WebAnswers.

WebAnswers is an extremely easy to use site, which is loads of fun, and can become very addicting if you aren't careful. The gist of WebAnswers is that you get paid to answer questions that other internet users ask. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Here's how it works:

To start, you have to sign up for a WebAnswers account. It doesn't cost anything to sign up, and you don't have to provide any credit card numbers. Simply enter some information, including your email address, and decide on a password.

Once you have signed up for an account, you have to start answering questions. WebAnswers states "Once you have answered 50 questions, you'll receive an invitation to open a Google AdSense account". I personally answered 47 questions, and asked 3, and I was able to link my Adsense account. I know other contributors to WebAnswers who did something along the same lines as I did, instead of just answering 50 questions. Whatever combination you choose to do, the point is to make 50 posts on the site.

When you have reached your 50 posts, you will be able to go onto your account page, and apply for a Google Adsense account. A Google Adsense account does not cost anything either, so don't worry. You do not need to put out any money to make money through WebAnswers.

If you aren't familiar with Adsense, let me explain as simply as I can. When you create a page of web content (which is what your answers on WebAnswers are considered), Google goes on those pages, and puts ads on them. When other users see your content, and click on the ads, you share part of the revenue gained from that click. Google also pays you based on the amount of traffic your content receives. There's a lot more that you can learn about Google Adsense, and how it works. That is just the very basic information.

So, you make your 50 posts, and apply for your Google Adsense account. This process is pretty simple, and doesn't take a long period of time. If you already have an Adsense account (as many online content writer's do), you can link your WebAnswers account with Google instantly.

Once you have linked your two accounts, don't be surprised to see your earnings start to come in, just from those initial 50 posts you made. Granted, it will only be a few cents at the very beginning, but they will be there.

Personally, I thought the way that WebAnswers explained exactly how you make money was a little confusing at first, until I finally understood it. To keep you from feeling that same confusion, I am going to spell it out for you. This is how WebAnswers works, and how you make money:

People go on the website and ask questions. You log in, and use your knowledge (and yes, you have some even if you don't think you do) to answer those questions. The person who asked the question then comes back and "awards" the best answer. Or, that's how it is supposed to work, but as you will see when you visit the site, many questions do not have awarded answers, because sometimes the "asker" never comes back or the questions were asked by a "bot" when the site was just beginning. But, these unawarded answers can become your best friend.

The WebAnswers site states "Once an answer you have posted is selected as the best answer for the question, you will earn a percentage of the revenue generated by that question from Google AdSense". I find that statement to be misleading, because the truth is, you earn on all the answers and all the questions that you post, at least to some extent.

When you ask a question on WebAnswers, you and the people who answer your question go into a rotation to earn off the ads on that page. Everyone continues to earn off that one question, until you go back and select an answer as the best answer. Once you do that, then the only person who continues to earn on that page is the author of that answer.

When you answer a question, you, the author of the question, and the other people who offer up answers, all go into that same rotation to make money on the page. When the author of that question comes back and selects your answer as the best answer, then you will be the only one to earn revenue off of that page's ads for the next year. If your answer is not selected as the best answer, then you will no longer receive any earnings from that page. If no answer is selected, then everyone continues to earn revenue from that page.

The site says the goal is to receive "awarded answers", but as many WebAnswer users will tell you, they earn more off of the questions that never select an answer as the best answer, than they do off the pages of their awarded answers. I have yet to notice a difference, but then I haven't dug too far into this either.

As you continue to answer questions, receive awards, and generally use the site consistently, you improve what is known as your Quality Score. As your Quality Score increases, the website starts to put ads randomly through out the site for you, to help you earn even more money. So, don't be surprised to see earnings come in from a category that you never answered a question in!

As I stated, WebAnswers is very easy to use- just go on, and start answering questions. Even if you don't completely get how it works in the beginning, you will pick up all the information you need to be successful. I have been with WebAnswers for not quite a month yet, and have earned triple what I earn on other sites. I would give you an exact amount, but that is against Adsense policy, so I can't.

When I stumbled across the site, I joined in hopes of making money. After spending some time there and getting to know some of the other users however, it became more about having fun and making money was just an added bonus. As a single mom, I am thrilled that something I now consider fun, is making me residual income. I even answer questions on my Iphone while sitting at the doctor's office with one of my kids!

If you are looking for a way to stay at home and make some extra money, I would definitely recommend WebAnswers. It won't make you rich, but if you put forth the effort, you can definitely earn a few hundred dollars or more from it. How much you earn will depend on you, but there are users who are making $500 or more a month just by answering questions.
How to Add a Print it Button to Your Blogger Blog

How to Add a Print it Button to Your Blogger Blog

 Allowing your users to print your blog posts with just a single click is something that is pretty cool. On the other hand, almost all browsers provide the flexibility to print a web page by just going to “File” and “Print”. Different people have different choices and different people like to have a print feature on their blog posts for different reasons. You may just like to add a continent way. When users can print your posts with just one click then why they should be doing some complicated processes? In this article, we will show you how to add a quick print button to your Blogger blog.
 The First thing you will be doing is to login into your Blogger Dashboard. Now After logging in, go to your blog >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Search for <div class='post-header-line-1'/>  and just above it paste the following code. Once everything is done, press “Save Template” button to conclude the process.

<div style="float: left; padding-left: 10px;">
<a href="javascript:window.print()" rel="nofollow">Print this Article</a></div>

Now to give your button a beautiful touch, you need to customize it with a bit of CSS. You can create any kind of image using any popular photo editing or deigning tool Like Photoshop and can simply apply the modest CSS to make it work. Here is a small example of how you can stylize your print it button.

<div style="float: left; padding-left: 10px;">
<a href="javascript:window.print()" rel="nofollow"><img src="" /></a></div>

Congratulations: You have successfully learned how to add print it button in blogger blog. Not only that, but you can also stylize it according to your desire needs. You can also preview your posts to see everything is working in an order or not. We hope this tutorial has facilitated to understand how to add print it button in blogger. What are your judgments about adding a Print button to your blog? Does it is value to use these buttons or it is just waste of space? Let us know what you think about it.
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