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Sunday, April 14, 2013
How to Get Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar Back in Windows 8

How to Get Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar Back in Windows 8

As you may have noticed, Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar are missing in Windows 8 RTM. Personally, I don't miss gadgets since I did not use them. But a lot of people have been missing them. If you can't live without desktop gadgets, there is good news for you: desktop gadgets and sidebar can be made to work in Windows 8.

My friend PainteR has created an unofficial installer which allows you to get gadgets back in Windows 8 with just a few mouse clicks. Just follow the rabbit setup wizard.

Note that it supports all possible Windows 8 languages,  so you will get gadgets and sidebar's interface with your native language!

Wait for the installer to finish and right click on the desktop after that. You will see the familiar "Gadgets" item in your desktop context menu. Enjoy:

Before you download

  1. I am not sure that this is legal. Check the license agreement of Windows 7 and Windows 8 before you use this installer.
  2. All credits goes to Aps Logo. No one from Winaero is associated with this installer.

Download Desktop Gadgets for Windows 8

How to Download Watch This Video 

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Does Alexa Rank Really Matter?

Alexa Rank is one of the most over rated term when it comes to judge quality of a blog/website.Most of the bloggers and Webmasters are obsessed with Alexa Rank.

So, What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa defines themselves as web information company and it is owned by Amazon Inc.

    1.Alexa Rank gets updated on regular basis.
    2.They rank every website based upon a specific algorithm.

Alexa ranking algorithm is very much peculiar.They only count those hits which pass through their system.That means they only count those visitors who have installed alexa toolbar in their browser.

    1.So if a website has good alexa rank doesn’t mean that it has good traffic.It only mean that it has good number of visitors who have installed alexa toolbar in their browsers(Mostly Techy Guys)
    2.Generally alexa rank will be higher for the websites which are related to Blogging ,Technology , Design etc.

Should you really bother about Alexa Rank?

Again it depends upon your own perspective.

    1.If you want to attract more advertisers to your blog and earn more then alexa rank is crucial.
    2.Generally advertisers look for blogs with good alexa rank.So if your blog has good alexa rank then chances of getting direct advertisement are more.
    3.If you depend only on Traditional Advertising like Adsense and Textual Advertising then you should not really bother about Alexa Rank.

As already said Alexa has nothing to do with your traffic and search engine ranking.Your search ranking are neither shows a positive impact nor negative impact as well.So if your alexa is lower than other website then you need not worry about the search ranking or search traffic.

How to Make Robots.txt File

How to Make Robots.txt File

    1.Open your Blogger Dashboard.
    2.Then go to Settings then Search Preferences.
    3.In Search Preferences enable custom robots.txt which will be disabled by default.
    4.Enable it and paste the following code.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
User-agent: *
Disallow: /*.html
Allow: /*.html$

5.In the above code replace with your website url then save it. 

Custom Robots Header:

This is one more advanced feature provided by Blogger and must be used with proper care or else your blog might get completely deindexed from google.

    1.Open blogger dashboard then Settings then choose Search Preferences.
    2.Enable Custom Robots header Tags which is disabled by default and follow the below settings show in the screenshot.

Custom Robots Header for Blogger/Blogspot

    1.If you are done with all the settings then save the settings to get into effect.
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