Friday, April 26, 2013

8 Great Places to Host your Resume Online

In this day and age, it should be assumed that when you are applying for a job, one of the first things that your potential employer will do is search for you on Google. The Internet has become an integral part of the job market, not only for those looking for new careers, but also for business owners looking to hire the right people.

A good way to make an excellent first impression before even meeting the employer is to give yourself a quality online presence and presentation. If a search for your name comes back with more than just a Facebook profile, you’re going to make a better early impression than the job seekers who only have social media profiles.

Here are seven great websites and services that you can use to host your resume online and make your qualifications searchable for prospective hirers.

1. Your Personal Blog

If you own and manage your own blog, it’s as good a place as any to host your resume. Not only is it easily searchable, but it also allows employers to see you as a proactive citizen of the Internet that creates their own content as well. This is especially helpful if your blog is related to the niche that you are interested in finding a job in. Stumbling on to your blog after finding your resume online shows employers that you have enough expertise in this field to operate a blog related to it.

2. LinkedIn

Easily the most popular and effective social media site for business professionals, LinkedIn provides you with a great opportunity to not only present your qualifications, but to network as well. Not only can you post your resume here for all to see, but you can also receive recommendations and words of praise from former co-workers or employers that will be visible to everyone as well. Another great thing about LinkedIn is that once you have perfected the look of your resume, you can actually export it as a PDF to use as a hardcopy or to use when creating resumes on other sites as well.

3. PeopleJar

If you are looking for a site that allows you maximum self-promotion online, this is the one. This relatively new social media site allows you to not only host your resume, but also a portfolio and samples of your work that you would like the world to see. It also allows you to network professionally in a similar way that LinkedIn does. PeopleJar’s resume builder gives you a very concise and clean-looking resume and allows you to add various media to your profile and resume in order to enhance it.


This is a dedicated site for resume building and hosting. You will be able to create a sleek and engaging resume and make it publically available. You can also use the site to search for potential jobs. The simplicity of the site and the resume creation and hosting process is what makes this website a favorite for both job seekers who are fresh out of college and experienced professionals.

5. Visual CV

One really great thing about this website is that it allows you to import your resume from LinkedIn in order to get started. There are many different templates to choose if you are looking to make your resume stand out from the crowd, and there are also great options for including various multimedia in your resume and portfolio to spice it up. There are many companies using Visual CV to attract new employees, so it’s definitely a good place to network as well.


This site is like a more sophisticated, grown and professional Myspace. It allows you to include just about anything you want about yourself, we gives you the opportunity to make a creative online resume and multidimensional portfolio on your profile. It also gives you statistics on how many people are viewing your profile and when they are doing so, which lets you know if some of the changes that you made are working to attract new visitors.

7. My Resume Online

My Resume Online is a great option for people who want a minimal and very straight-laced design with no strings attached. This site gives you the option to create a minimalist, but effective resume with the option of including pictures and attached PDFs into your online resume as well. Most importantly, you’ll have a very searchable and effective URL in the form of or something similar, which will make it easy to find you on Google.


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