Monday, May 6, 2013

Chitika Ads Review

Chitika Ad Network Sign Up
Chitika is a pay per click ad network that many, most of which have been banned from adsense, are starting to move across to. Chitika’s ads have a similar look and feel to adsense making them familiar to visitors. The difference is that the ads are search targeted meaning the ads displayed are driven by the keywords in which the visitor typed into the search engine to get to your site.

Chitika vs Adsense

Chitika allows their ads to be displayed on the same page as adsense units. Adsense is contextual targeting and is picking up relevant keywords from your page whilest chitika will be displaying different ads based on the search made by the visitor.


    #Low payout limits. $10 for PayPal or $50 by cheque
    #Can use alongside adsense and other ad networks
    #Search targeted ads ensure that only relavent ads are shown to the visitor
    #Chitika review only one of your websites. Once you have been approved, you can use Chitika on any of your sites
    #Chitika support countries worldwide with their ad units
    #Auto-resizing mobile ads makes monetizing mobile traffic very easy


    #Pay per click rates will be less than adsense averaging anywhere between $0.02 – $3.00. It is dependant on the keywords that brings the traffic to your site
    #Approvals can take up to 7 business days
    #Traffic from referrals are not targeted very well and ads are displayed based on your main keyword or title


For those who are already earning over $10k in online ads and are looking for a new ad-network to move across to please get in touch with us. As an affiliate of Chitika, we can see about getting you approved for their Enterprise program which includes benefits such as top tier ads and having a dedicated account manager.
Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!


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