Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Check Which Version of Android your Device is Running

There's a quick way to check the version of the operating system that your handset runs on, be it a Samsung Galaxy model or any Android-powered smartphone.

► Access the Settings menu, which is normally found by tapping the Menu button at the bottom left of the front panel and then selecting Settings or System settings. 

Look for the 'About phone' or'About device' listing and click on it. The actual location will vary from device to device, for example on the 

Galaxy Ace ite is the last item in the Settings list and on the Galaxy S4 it is found within the More tab. A detailed list of your phone's particulars will appear and on this the Android version will be displayed.

The screen above was taken on the Samsung Galaxy Ace. If you're felling brave, click on Software update to see if there is a more recent version of Android you can upgrade to.

Android OS: what's in a name?

There's a logic to the bizarre-sounding names for the different versions of Android; they're all sweets or dessert items and follow an alphabetical order. Here's the full list:


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