Thursday, April 4, 2013

Google AdSense Approval Process

Google has expanded a great deal from its foundation of advertising and search.The mainstay of Google's vast empire is advertisement sales. Google started making money by selling targeted ads to appear next to search results when people would search. They have expanded the advertising program using AdSense, which allows owners of websites to earn a commission for hosting Google ads targeted to the content found on the page. In order to use AdSense, you need to first be approved by Google.


The first step in the AdSense approval process is, of course, applying for an AdSense account. You'll need to give your website URL in addition to contact and payment information. Finally, you'll need to accept the requirements laid out by Google for participation in AdSense: do not click on your own ads, read the program policies and do not have another AdSense account.


Before applying, make sure you meet the requirements Google has set out for AdSense accounts. Have a working website running so Google can confirm the site works. You must have access to the code of the site and be authorized to change that code. Having a working site filled with high-quality content that is unique on the Web will greatly increase your chances of being approved for an AdSense account. Finally, don't pay or in any other way encourage people to click on things on your site; Google won't like that since it dilutes their advertising effectiveness.


Google reviews AdSense applications by browsing the site both manually and with the Google servers looking for the quality of the site, both from a content perspective and the build quality of the site. Google employees will look to ensure all the criteria for AdSense accounts are met before approving you. This could take several weeks to complete, but usually the review takes a few business days.


When you are approved for an AdSense account, you will have access to a code generator where you can customize the type and size of ads that will appear on your site. Google will generate the code you can then copy and paste into the source code for your website to make the AdSense ads appear. Once the ads are live on your site, Google will start tracking the number of views and clicks on your ads to determine how much revenue you will receive for hosting the ads. Higher-paying ads earn a higher commission and lower-paying ads earn a lower commission.


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