Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Make a Keyword Rich Website for Google Adsense

You can use Adsense to make a profitable site.You can make a keyword-rich website to use with Google Adsense. You probably want to do this if you are trying to make a profitable website and want to drive more traffic to the site. Google Adsense is useful for displaying ads on a website to make money, but you also need to know what people are searching for, so you can put the most highly searched keywords in content on your site.

Step 1

Open your Web browser and go to the Google AdWords website (See "Resources"), which shows you the frequency that people search for certain keywords and gives you ideas on similar keywords to add to your site that are more popular.

Step 2

Type in a keyword in the "Word or Phrase" text box. This may be a topic or phrase on your site or one that you are thinking of using.

Step 3

Type the letters shown in the picture in the text box below it. Click "Search." A list of related keywords, along with the one you typed in, are shown.

Step 4

Click the headings to sort the keywords by the number of local or global monthly searches they receive. You can also sort by alphabetical order or by the amount of competition there is for a keyword. It is of course best to use keywords that are the most popularly searched to get the most traffic.

Step 5

Create content for your site that incorporates commonly searched terms after entering some different keywords and discovering what is popular. Make your content high quality, though, not simply focusing on using the keywords.

Step 6

Go to the AdSense website to create a new ad (See "Resources"). Sign in with your Google account or sign up for one. Click the "My Ads" tab and "New Ad Unit."

Step 7

Enter a name for the ad in the "Name" text box. Use the settings on the page to customize the size, font, color and other options for the ad.

Step 8

Click "Save and Get Code." Paste the ad code into the desired location on the page in the HTML of your website.

Step 9

Check AdWords in the future to keep your site content up to date with the most popular keywords. Monitor your earnings by visiting the AdSense site periodically.


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